Asian Special

w. White Rice

S1.  Seafood Combination
Jumbo shrimp prawns and scallops, crabmeat stir-fried with mixed vegetable
S2.  Triple Delight
Shrimp, scallops and beef with mixed vegetable
S3.  Beef with Scallops
Tender beef slices with scallops stir-fried with mixed vegetable in brown sauce
S4.  Sesame Chicken $9.95
S5.  Happy Family
Shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, crab leg and scallop w. mixed vegetable in chef's special sauce
S6.  Four Seasons
Shrimp, chicken, beef and pork with Chinese vegetable in brown sauce
S7.  Sesame Beef $10.95
S8.  Pineapple Shrimp
Fried Shrimp, Onion, Pineapple w. Coco Nut Sauce
S9.  Sauteed Hot Shredded BeefSpicy
A famous Chung King dish the beef is dry and deny made especially for person who have to eat hot dishes
S10.  Beef w. Garlic SauceSpicy $9.95
S11.  Hunan BeefSpicy
Beef with mix vegetable, hunan hot sauce
S12.  Beef Szechuan StyleSpicy $9.95
S13.  Orange Flavored BeefSpicy $10.95
S14.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy $9.95
S15.  Orange ChickenSpicy $9.95
S16.  Kung Pao ChickenSpicy
Piece chicken quickly sauteed to retain full flavor in a spicy sauce of red pepper with crispy peanuts
S17.  Chicken Szechuan StyleSpicy $9.55
S18.  Chicken w. Garlic SauceSpicy $9.55
S19.  Shrimp Szechuan StyleSpicy
Jumbo shrimp in a spicy szechuan style
S20.  Kung Pao ShrimpSpicy
Jumbo shrimp flavored in slightly pepper and uniqucky searet sauce
S21.  Shrimp and Scallop w. Garlic SauceSpicy $10.95
S22.  Hunan ChickenSpicy $9.55
S23.  Pork Szechuan StyleSpicy $9.55
S24.  Pork with Garlic SauceSpicy $9.55
S25.  Hot and Spicy ChickenSpicy $9.95
S26.  Honey Chicken $9.55
S27.  Shrimp w. Garlic SauceSpicy $10.55

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